LMLPASIFIKA'S mission is to ensure that our indigenous community is SEEN, HEARD, EMPOWERED, and UNITED! Every garment you purchase and wear propels the movement forward.


Every purchase, big or small, has a footprint. You choose the size of the mark to leave on the planet, and we want to help you choose wisely. One in every five garments reaches a landfill without being worn even once. Your apparel is created only as the order is placed, creating less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing.

To bring oil to the reef would be just like dropping bombs on them

No Oil On Our Reefs

Pasifika Mental Health Pacific Islander Mental Health Taro Tonga Samoa Fiji

Grow Through What You Go Through

Sacred Hands Wahine Club Malu Samoa Tatau

Sacred Hands Wahine Club

Captain Cook Colonization Kanaka Maoli Maori Polynesia

The Death of Captain Cook

@LMLPASIFIKA was created to generate positive change for Pasifika people and our islands

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Crafted for conscious consumers, each product is cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the Pacific.

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Mannie Vaka Leweni Waqa Pacific Island Boxing Retro Boxers Samoa Tonga Fiji
Suka Teti Tongan Sugar Daddy Pasifika Celina Tupou-Fulivai
Solomon Islands Aliens Pasifika Tangata Tonga Samoa Fiji Moana Pasifika
BULA FIJI Celina Tupou-Fulivai Seattle Streetwear
All Power To The People Polynesian Activist AAPI Month


This brand was made to empower, educate, create identity, and to evolve perspective. Because our collective future depends on our ability to preserve, perpetuate, and protect Pasifika culture.